Patron, Officers and Clerks


Shailendra Umradia   (elected 3 November 2021)

President Shai Umradia












Past Presidents since 1914


The Rt. Hon. The Lord Mayor


Shailendra (Shai) Umradia

Senior Vice President

Christopher Hayward CC

Junior Vice President

Alan Cook CStS

Honorary Secretary

Deputy Keith Bottomley CC

Honorary Treasurer

Simon Bentley

Immediate Past President

Nic Somers FRICS

Honorary Solicitor

Robert Bond BA (Law), FSALS, CCEP


Philippa Stary

Assistant Clerk

Debbie Johnson

from left to right: C Hayward CC, Shai Umradia, Alan Cook



The Officers and Clerk of the City Livery Club. From left to right: Robert Bond, Simon Bentley, Chris Hayward, Shai Umradia, Alan Cook, Keith Bottomley, Debbie Johnson