Cabins & online booking

Five nautical-style Cabins, each with two bunk beds, a private shower, basin, wardrobe, tea making facilities and snacks, and a porthole, are available to be booked during the weekdays and at weekends – see availability and book below:

The Cabins are priced at £85 for single occupancy and £95 for double occupancy per night.

When booking, please note that the price of double occupancy is assumed, and if you click “Continue to Booking”, the number of guests can be reduced to one, if required.

The Cabins have 24-hour access using your Access Card. (Please contact the Clerk if you require an Access Card in good time before your checking-in date.)

If this is your first time booking, please try to visit the Club beforehand to familiarise yourself with the Cabins and collecting the keys, which are left in a named envelope in the Cabins corridor. Please return your key to the same place upon final departure.

It would be helpful if you write (CLC) before your name when booking.

Unfortunately, the Cabins are unsuitable for anyone who has mobility issues as there is no wheelchair access.


From 1st June 2024, there will be a 10% administrative charge applied to all cancellations made up to 5 days before the date of stay, after which, no refunds will be given.