Root & Branch Award FAQ

Who can apply?

Anyone in the Livery, including Guilds and Companies without Livery. The application is by way of nomination or endorsement by the Livery Master of one of their Liveries. Nominations are not accepted of City Livery Club Officers, Council members and recent Past Presidents.

For nominations of those belonging to Guilds and Companies without Livery, the term “Liveryman” equates to the fullest category of member.

Does the nominee need to be a member of the City Livery Club?

No. The Club is giving the Award but there is no pre-condition to be a member. However, part of the Prize is one year’s free membership.

How do I apply?

By letter addressed to the Club, using the application form available on the Club’s website. The information on the website suggests information that you might want to include and which will assist in promoting your application.

Can a Livery Company nominate more than one person or group of people?

Yes, there is no limit on the number of applications made by one Livery Company.

Is there a rule that only a nominee’s mother Company can nominate them? 

No. Any Livery Company can nominate any of their Liverymen.

What if I want to nominate a group of people who are Liverymen of different Companies?

A nomination by one Company of one of the group is sufficient, but if any other Livery Companies can join in and endorse the group or project, that would be helpful. Those nominating a group of Liverymen are asked to note that the achievements of the group are expected to be more than might be expected from the cumulative effect of a number of people where each has contributed only modestly.

What is the benefit of applying?

The Award gives prominence to the work of a Liveryman or group. This raises the profile of the work of the Livery at large and shows the commitment and involvement of the Livery in exceptional work.

What will the winner receive?

A medal awarded at the City Livery Club’s Civic Banquet;  a free ticket to the Banquet; a ticket for the nominating Livery Master; one year’s free membership of the Club; the right to direct a charitable payment of £1,000 to a City-related charity of their choice; an article in the Club’s newsletter.

If the nominee does not win this year, can they reapply next year?

Yes. There is no bar on reapplying. Certainly many projects and involvment will span more than one year.

Can a Livery Company be nominated for an Award?

The Root and Branch Committee may at its sole discretion make an Award to a Livery Company (or equivalent) as a whole.

Are posthumous nominations accepted?