Root & Branch Award

This prestigious Award, established in 2014 to mark the Club’s Centenary, celebrates the achievements of those who have delivered exceptional service within and across the Livery Companies.

It is a unique way of showing the City Livery Club’s appreciation of the contribution made by those in the Livery movement who are doing outstanding work to advance the wider aims of the Livery.

To date, 19 awards of various types have been made. No awards were made in 2021 due to the pandemic.

Please see our distinguished list of Award Winners from previous years.

Deadline for 2024 applications

Nominations for the 2024 Root & Branch Award are now being invited, to be submitted by the closing date of Tuesday, 2nd April 2024.

Download the 2024 Application Form in Word.

Award details

The Award consists of:

Past Winners of the Root and Branch Award
The R&B medal
  • The City Livery Club Root & Branch Award medal and ribbon
  • A Citation (certificate)
  • Recognition of award in the honours book displayed at City Livery Club
  • An article in the City Livery Club newsletter
  • A year’s free membership of the City Livery Club
  • A £1000 donation to the winner’s nominated charity (ideally a City-related charity approved by City Livery Club).

At the Judging Panel’s discretion, Highly Commended Certificates may be awarded. The Panel may also bestow Lifetime Achievement Awards and Commendations and may, from time to time and at its own discretion, make an Award to a Livery Company as a whole.

Who is eligible to be nominated?

A Liveryman (or group) who has made an exceptional contribution to the work of their Livery or the wider Livery which enhances the understanding or profile of the Livery.  This may have involved cross-Livery work but this is not essential. The award winner will have demonstrated any or all of the following skills; leadership, innovation, development, creativity, responsibility, and generosity.

The nomination must be received from a City Livery Company, a City Guild or a Company without Livery (which is approved by the Court of Aldermen). Any of them may nominate a Liveryman or equivalent, and a Liveryman may nominate himself or herself but must have endorsement from his / her Livery (or equivalent). Other persons may also make a nomination but must do so with the endorsement of the appropriate Livery Company.  This also follows for a group of Liverymen nominated together. Those who have been nominated before should not be deterred as re-submissions are welcome.

What are the other criteria?

Many different activities are eligible – those nominated could be engaging with those less advantaged and in need; promoting education and apprenticeships; working with other Livery Companies in a way which boosts their value to the community; preserving and enhancing the heritage and culture of the City or serving the City business community at home or abroad.

An individual application must show that the Liveryman has made an exceptional contribution to the Livery which may have benefit beyond his / her own Livery Company either directly or by way of example. Examples of areas of relevant contributions are shown below but this list is by no means exhaustive:

  • Education
  • Skills development
  • Apprenticeships
  • Engagement with the City Civic
  • Financial and fundraising
  • Publishing and media
  • Craftsmanship and other professional skills
  • Inclusion and diversity
  • Heritage and culture
  • International reach
  • Links with Government national and local

Please indicate how the relevant work helps the image of the Livery or equivalent organisation.

A group application is expected to show exceptional work by each and every member of the group.  A group application is particularly welcome if it shows that what has been achieved by the group is more than might be expected from accumulated related efforts.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ).


The award is presented to the award winner at the City Livery Club’s annual Civic Banquet in July, by the guest speaker (usually the Lord Mayor) – the winner will be attending as the Club’s guest, and the Liveryman’s Master will also be invited to attend.

The Judging Panel

The Judging Panel is an independent group consisting of:

  • A Chairman – a Past President of the City Livery Club
  • The current President of the City Livery Club
  • The Chairman of the Livery Committee
  • A Sheriff
  • A Master selected from an ancient Livery Company
  • A Master selected from a modern Livery Company
  • The Winner of the previous year’s Award