Apply for Membership

We are delighted you have decided to join the Club and we look forward to welcoming you into our ranks. Before you apply, this page contains all the information you need to know to make a suitable application.

Proposer: Your application must contain the name of your Proposer who is a current full Member of the Club. If you are not sure if your Proposer is a full Member, please ask the Clerk:

Application Form: Please complete this PDF application form and post it to the Clerk at The City Livery Club, Bell Wharf Lane, Upper Thames Street, London EC4R 3TB.

Full Membership

Full Membership is available to:

  • Liverymen and Freemen of City Livery Companies
  • Members of the Watermen and Lightermen and Parish Clerks’ Companies.
  • The current Master and the Clerk of a Livery Company may both join for a single subscription fee.

Associate Membership (i.e. without voting rights)

Associate Membership is available to:

  • The Guild of Freemen of the City of London
  • The Guild of Young Freemen
  • Members of Ward Clubs.
  • Ward Clubs may take out a joint membership for any two current Ward Club Officers (normally including the Hon. Secretary), for a single fee.
  • Freemen of the City of London
  • City Branch members of the Institute of Directors,
  • City Branch members of the Royal Society of St. George
  • Members of the Guildable Manor of Southwark
  • Freemen of City of London Guilds approved by the Aldermanic Court
  • Members of the Trades House of Glasgow
  • Members of the Worshipful Livery Company of Wales
  • Members of the Guild of Scriveners of York
  • Members of the Guild of Cordwainers of York
  • Members of the Cutlers of Hallamshire
  • Members of the Merchant Taylors of York
  • Members of the Merchant Adventurers of York
  • Members of the Merchant Adventurers of Bristol
  • Members of the Fellmongers of Richmond
  • Members of the Drapers of Shrewsbury
  • Members of the Incorporation of Weavers, Fullers and Shearmen of Exeter

Annual Subscription

Membership runs from October to September, and the first year’s subscription is discounted if you join on 1 November or later.

The annual subscription is payable by Direct Debit from 1 October. There is no joining fee.

Full & Associate* Members (Aged 45 – 75)£300.00
Full & Associate* Members (Under 45)£150.00
Overseas Members** / Members over 75 / Partner-Spouse* Members£150.00
* Excluded from becoming a committee member and having voting rights
** Permanent residence abroad

Applications are considered four times a year by the Club’s Membership and Development Committee and by Council. The following timetable applies:

Application received byCouncil considersApplicant notifiedNew members admitted
31 DecemberJanuaryend January1 February
31 MarchAprilend April1 May
30 JuneJulyend July1 August
30 SeptemberOctoberend October1 November

Part-year Membership

Reductions in the first year’s rates are available for those who become Members in the following periods:

Joining dateSubscription rate
1 November11/12
1 February8/12
1 May5/12
1 August1/12
(the Club is closed for
part of August each year)